Your guide to creative soul-care

The journey to your true self is never far. But it’s up to you to create it. We are all creative, but somewhere along the way we get lost in our heads and deny ourselves the space to wander. Space to explore the “what ifs…” and honor the tug of curiosity that lives within our hearts.

  • Hi there! My name is Beryl and I am a creativity catalyst.

    I believe that when you choose the creative path, you discover it’s never too late to change course, to find happiness, to heal, to try more, to do less, to go bold, to get quiet, & to cultivate a life of courage and connection.

    I created SPARK! Workshops as a way to engage in creative soul-care. And the Cultivate Creativity Planner as a way to make space for you in the chaos of daily life. Come join us and find encouragement and support as you explore what it means to create a life you love.