• A Digital Journal Kit Helping You Find More Calm In The Chaos of Daily Life.

    FANTASY: This is my year to BE creative. I’m finally going to print my last 10 years of photos, redecorate the entire house, and learn underwater basketweaving!

    REALITY: How do I find time to DO these creative projects? My schedule is crazy, I’m exhausted, and by the time I get to the end of another day all I want to do is go to bed, scroll cute animal reels on Instagram, or binge watch “Love Is Blind” on Netflix.

Your $50 Digital Journal Kit Includes:

  • ✔️ Four book “chapters” with enough creative prompts and space to journal for an entire year
    ✔️ Beautifully designed pages with muted colors, inspiring quotes, and lots of white space for creative expression.
    ✔️ Weekly pages with simple photography, journaling, and doodling prompts
    ✔️ Daily pages to spark your intentions, gratitude, and priorities.
    ✔️ Access to our private Spark ! Studio Facebook community group for ongoing encouragement and support
    ✔️ Instructions and ideas for DIY printing your digital files if you prefer pen to paper journaling

Special BONUSES thru May 31, 2024!

  • ✔️ Digital vision board workshop: A 90 minute virtual class held LIVE via Zoom (recorded and available on demand if you can’t attend). We’ll use the tools in CANVA to cast your creative vision for the year, without the mess of magazines, paper, and glue from a physical vision board class!
    ✔️ Print Journal Discount: 40% off coupon to purchase beautifully bound, full color print-on-demand versions of each of the 4 Journal Chapters.



I have a paper planner for daily life, but I’m really excited to have THIS journal specifically for creative projects and dreaming! I’m looking forward to the photo prompts, sparks of creativity, and infusion of fun. I’m also looking forward to the community interaction and support here too!

- Kathy

I’m a paper and pen journal person normally am excited to print this one. I don’t take time to be as creative as I should; so I’m hopeful this will motivate me.

- Chris

I decided to jump into this journal because I’ve recently gone back to work teaching and I need to be organized now more than ever. I tend to lack organization, but if there’s a fun element to it like there is with this creative journal framework, I’m more likely to do it!

- Annee

I’m really looking forward to this journal!! I’m needing a spark to get my creative energy back, love to try different photo challenges, and I’m excited for all the creative ideas and sharing that will happen within this community.

- Patty

I’m obsessed with journals and planners, but horrible at being creative. I’m excited to have a journal that injects creativity into the every day without the pressure to be perfect.

- Michelle

With my busy life if I don’t set aside time for creativity it doesn’t happen. Having a journal filled with creative ideas, prompts and motivation will be perfect.

- Teresa

This is the year for me! I have put myself last for way too long. I am excited for the creative journal so I can intentionally recharge myself on a more consistent basis.

- Gina

So this is a digital journal right? How will it be delivered and how will I use it? 

Yes. This is a digital journal that you will get in your email inbox immediately after purchase. It will arrive as a digital download that can be used on an iPad/tablet or it can be DIY printed and used as a physical journal.

How is the journal laid out?

This is set up to be a choose your own adventure of creative fun! Complete what sparks your imagination – or what you need – and leave the rest. Inside your journal you’ll find consistent, manageable, and simple prompts presented on a monthly, weekly, and daily rhythm. All of the prompts and creative activities are explained on journal guidance pages inside or you can view some sample pages if you scroll up a bit.

How do I know I’ll actually USE this journal?

This is more than something “fun” to do when you have extra time. This journal is meant to give you a process and framework to set the pace or tone for your days, weeks, and months. It’s a way for you to let go of the grind, get out of your head, and get back into your heart and what matters most. And alongside your journal, you’ll also get access to a community forum that will serve as a place to share ideas, learn from your fellow journal users, and gain encouragement and accountability too!