Slow down & Breathe

Find More Calm, Connection, & Creativity Each Day With The 100 Steps Photo Project Guidebook. You’ll use a camera (any camera!) and to turn around a bad day, a rough week, or a challenging month and instantly feel more calm, connected, and creative without taking tons of time out of your already crazy schedule.

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  • In your ideal world life you want to create a life filled with love, connection, and meaningful experiences.

    You know each day presents opportunities for growth and challenges.

    You’d love to face those obstacles with strength, laughter, and lightness.

    However, the realities of you day feel quite different.

    It’s overwhelming how full to the brim life can be most days.

    You doubt if what you’re doing is truly enough.

    And you feel like you’ve lost yourself and your creative spark a bit along the way…

    But how do you find that spark, when you’re in the trenches of exhaustion? 

How do you make time for YOU and your interests if you’re always taking care of everyone else?

The 100 Steps Project Will Help. Here’s How!

    • SELF-CAREQuickly bring yourself back to positivity and gratitude.
    • FAMILY FUN Designed for YOU, but fun enough to do with your entire family (partner! spouse! kids! dogs!)  
    • DONE FOR YOU – You don’t have to find prompts of inspiration. We’ve done it all for you.
    • NO SUPPLIES NEEDED – Art can be messy. But a camera allows you to express your creative side without the fuss.
    • ANY SKILL LEVEL – No previous camera experience necessary. This is for everyone!

What’s included?

  • 100 Steps Project Journal

    Inside you’ll find 15+ pages in a downloadable PDF to get you started on your 100 steps journey. You’ll find prompts and planning pages that will encourage you to write down your thoughts and ideas for your 100 steps journey, and dream up the possibilities for where your project can take you.

  • 100 Steps Project Prompts: Printable Card Deck

    This is the backbone of your 100 steps project kit. A printable set of 100 cards, each with a different word or prompt to inspire your photographs as you step. We suggest several ways you can print these cards as well, from going DIY on your home printer to sending them to a 3rd party vendor to print them for you.

  • 10 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Use Your 100 Steps Project Card Deck

    Want to take your 100 steps project journey to the next level? Grab your card deck and you camera, then use this part of your guidebook filled with unique ways to use your photo prompts. From stepping with one prompt each day for 100 days to a quick 2 card draw to get you moving, there are lots of options for you to show up ‘present not perfect’ and see you world from a fresh perspective!

  • 100 Steps Journey Through The Forest: Audio Meditation

    Sometimes you just need 10 minutes to yourself to reset. Let’s take your 100 Steps Journey into you mind with a guided audio meditation. If you’ve ever struggled with traditional meditation and breathing techniques, give this short visualization journey a try! You’ll be encourage to dream up some calming scenes and meet some new forest friends along the way. The perfect way to reset when you’re swirling or spinning with overwhelm.

About Beryl


    Consider Spark!Studio your gentle invitation to something brighter. A fresh start to refocus on the important things, the things you need to make your days a little better. I believe that when you choose the creative path, you discover it’s never too late to change course, to find happiness, to heal, to try more, to do less, to go bold, to get quiet, & to cultivate a life of courage and connection. I promise after trying the 100 Steps Project, you’ll feel less alone in your mind. And you’ll ignite a renewed passion for daily life.

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